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Celebrate the Season with Dash Doorbuster Deals!

Get your DASH on this Thanksgiving holiday with amazing deals! They're available for a limited time only so get them before they're gone!

On the App Store, get these fan-favorite Dash games for your iPad FREE:

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Wedding Dash Deluxe
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Have a Happy Thanksgiving, relax, and enjoy these sweet deals!


Get Ready for Happy Hour!

You might have noticed some interesting changes in our latest DASH game, most noticeably the addition of a super awesome, new ‘Happy Hour’ feature.

Happy Hour is a fun, light hearted feature that rewards you for keeping your customers happy.

Throughout each round, customers will have different icons above their heads. This is known as ‘flair’ and the more flair you collect, the longer happy hour will last.

When the timer runs out, the disco ball drops. Once happy hour starts, you’ll have a limited time to get bonus points! Make the most of this time, as you can really get a lot of extra points.

We hope you enjoy this new feature, and we can’t wait to see the awesome scores you guys can reach!

Written by Chris
Game in this post: Diner Dash Rush!


Cooking Dash now on Google Play!

Order Up!

Cooking Dash is now available on Google Play. Serve up foodalicious fun with Flo with another of our classic DASH games.

Download and play for FREE today!
Click here to download!

What other games would you like to see on Google Play?
Leave a comment below.

Written by Chris
Game in this post: Cooking Dash (Google Play) 


Diner Dash on Google Play – Trailer!

Check out the awesome trailer for Diner Dash on Google Play!

Have you been playing Diner Dash?
What games would you like to see next on Google Play?

Play Diner Dash for FREE on your Android phone/tablet!
Click here to get started.

Written by Chris
Game in this post: Diner Dash (Google Play) 


Diner Dash is now available on Google Play!

Well folks, the wait is over! Diner Dash is finally available on the Google Play store!

After many, many requests from our community, we put our engineers to work. Months of tireless tinkering and testing later, the world’s #1 time management game is ready for its Android debut.

What are you waiting for?

Download today and play for FREE on your Android device.
Click here to download now!

Game in this post: Diner Dash
Written by Chris


Cooking Dash: Thrills & Spills FREE this weekend only!

Grab Cooking Dash: Thrills & Spills Deluxe for FREE this weekend!

Join teenage Flo as she cooks up theme park fun for all of the DinerTown regulars!

The full game contains 30 levels and will be available for FREE on iPad all weekend long.

Click here to start playing!

Game in this post: Cooking Dash: Thrills & Spills Deluxe
Written by Chris



Deep Sea Deli is available on iTunes!

We are so proud to be able to share with you our latest creation, Deep Sea Deli!

If you've been following along with our 'What's In The Water' site, you'll already know some of the characters.

Help Narly turn delicious meat into scrumptious sandwiches! Feed all your favorite sea-lebrities as they line up around the clock to sample the underwater delights that Narly creates!

Play for FREE on iPhone & iPad now!

Remember to keep sharing and liking those character pages for your chance to win a trip to Hawaii!

Click here to visit our site! (including contest details and rules.)

Written by Chris
Game in this post: Deep Sea Deli 


Meet the Team: Chris Gregan

It’s been a little while since we’ve had a ‘Meet the Team’ post and we thought the blog was well overdue for a few more. This week, we are happy to introduce Chris Gregan, PlayFirst’s Chief Architect working in Dublin, Ireland.

(Yes, we have an office in Ireland! Cool, right?)

1. Can you briefly describe your role here at PlayFirst?
My job title at PlayFirst is Chief Architect. The role involves a lot of research and development into new games technology. I work closely with the rest of the team to find new ways to improve the gameplay experience for our customers. I also manage a fantastic team of game developers based here in Dublin, Ireland.

2. What's your favorite part about your job?
Having the opportunity to work with and learn from some of the most talented people in the industry. It's also really cool to see the games we've worked so hard to create topping the charts!

3. Who is your favorite PlayFirst character?
The fire-breathing Bridezilla from Wedding Dash. I love my old Godzilla movies!

4. What's life like in Ireland? (compared to what you've heard/seen of the U.S)
I think we have a lot in common with the US. People are generally friendly and relaxed and there's a strong sense of community. It's a good place to live and raise a family. Like the US, we've had a tough few years with the economy but there's a growing feeling now that the country is getting back on it's feet.

5. What part of St. Patrick's Day is your favorite? (ie. Food, parade?)
Bringing the kids down to the local parade and meeting up with the family is always great fun. The organizers don't have any money to spend on fancy floats or marching bands but it's really just about meeting up and having a good time.

Thanks to Chris for letting us interview him last minute!
Hopefully we can introduce a few more of our Irish team in the coming weeks.

Written by Chris


Spot the Difference!

Something’s amiss in Avenue Flo! Can you spot the three differences in the following picture?

Click the image to bring up a bigger version!

Did you find them all? Leave a comment below and let us know how you did!

Written by Chris


Check out these adorable PlayFirst pets!

If you’ve played DinerTown Zoo, you’ll know how much we love cute little animals here at PlayFirst.

It’s been awhile since we showcased the pets our team owns and with so many new team members, we thought it might be time for an updated look!

Which pet photo do you like best? Do you have any cats that look similar? Let us know below in the comments!

Written by Chris