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Get Ready for Happy Hour!

You might have noticed some interesting changes in our latest DASH game, most noticeably the addition of a super awesome, new ‘Happy Hour’ feature.

Happy Hour is a fun, light hearted feature that rewards you for keeping your customers happy.

Throughout each round, customers will have different icons above their heads. This is known as ‘flair’ and the more flair you collect, the longer happy hour will last.

When the timer runs out, the disco ball drops. Once happy hour starts, you’ll have a limited time to get bonus points! Make the most of this time, as you can really get a lot of extra points.

We hope you enjoy this new feature, and we can’t wait to see the awesome scores you guys can reach!

Written by Chris
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Diner Dash on Google Play – Trailer!

Check out the awesome trailer for Diner Dash on Google Play!

Have you been playing Diner Dash?
What games would you like to see next on Google Play?

Play Diner Dash for FREE on your Android phone/tablet!
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Written by Chris
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Diner Dash is now available on Google Play!

Well folks, the wait is over! Diner Dash is finally available on the Google Play store!

After many, many requests from our community, we put our engineers to work. Months of tireless tinkering and testing later, the world’s #1 time management game is ready for its Android debut.

What are you waiting for?

Download today and play for FREE on your Android device.
Click here to download now!

Game in this post: Diner Dash
Written by Chris


New Diner Dash Achievements!

We’re really excited to announce this big update to Diner Dash!

The team has been very busy over the last few weeks putting the finishing touches on our new set of achievements.

50+ new achievements! Diner Dash Free Image

This new update adds over 50 new achievements for you to earn, including multiple achievements for every level. As a little bonus, each achievement you complete will earn you tips to spend on upgrades!

Do you have what it takes to earn all 99? Of course you do! You’re awesome.
If you don’t already have Diner Dash on your iPad or iPhone, download it for FREE!

Click here to get started.

Written by Chris
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Diner Dash Gold Star Giveaway!

Are you a DASH expert? Prove it by earning 21 or more Gold Stars on ANY restaurant in the game and you could win a Kindle Fire HD! Here’s how to enter.

For your chance to win!

  1. Download Diner Dash on your iPad, iPhone or Kindle.
  2. Earn 21 or more Gold Stars in ANY restaurant in Diner Dash or Diner Dash Deluxe.
    (You can earn Gold Stars by completing Goal and Expert scores as well as Flo’s Challenges.)
  3. Take a screenshot of your game map that shows the Stars that you’ve earned.
  4. Complete the entry form and upload your photo!

Click here to enter now!
(The contest is now over.) 

Entries close February 22nd, at 11:59pm PST.
Terms and Conditions apply, please see entry form for complete rules.

This contest is not affiliated with Amazon, Apple or Facebook in any way.
Please contact for any inquiries/support issues.


Explore Winter Wonderland in Diner Dash and Mall Stars!

Diner Dash and Mall Stars have both received some delightfully festive updates this past week in celebration of the holiday season!

Diner Dash players can now experience the Winter Wonderland venue for FREE! Experience your favorite game covered in fluffy white snow! We also made it easier to seat guests by simply dragging and releasing.

Mall Stars players can now experience a mall full of festively dressed Stars, new holiday themed items and venues as well as the new Santa’s Little Helper mini-game.

We have also introduced iPhone 5 support for Mall Stars to ensure an optimal experience for all of our iPhone 5 players!

Existing players of these two games can simply update in iTunes.

For new players:
Click here to download Diner Dash for FREE!
Click here to download Mall Stars for FREE!

Written by Chris


National Family Week!

Today marks the start of National Family Week and as a company devoted to producing quality family friendly games, we want to encourage everyone to spend some quality time together!

We've got lots of great games that are fun for both kids and adults alike, so why not bond over some Diner Dash?

It’s FREE and available for your iPhone and iPad now!
Click here to download Diner Dash!

Written by Chris
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Diner Dash on Kindle Fire reaches #3!

Wow! Diner Dash on Kindle Fire has reached third on the Amazon App Store!

Thank you everyone for downloading and playing. If you haven’t yet tried Diner Dash on your Kindle Fire, why not? It’s FREE!

Click here to get started.

Written by Chris
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Say Hello to Diner Dash on Android!

Today we are pleased to announce the launch of Diner Dash on Kindle Fire! We have teamed up with Amazon to exclusively release our hit blockbuster title on the Kindle Fire.

Look out for more of our fantastic titles on Android in the near future.

Download Diner Dash for FREE on your Kindle Fire today!
Click here to get Dashin’ now!

Written by Chris


Celebrate Halloween with Diner Dash!

Halloween is fast approaching and to celebrate, why not enjoy some Diner Dash? Our spooktacular Spooky Saloon venue is available right now!

Help Flo serve up some ghoulishly good grub to diner guests in this frightfully great venue!

Click here to upgrade/buy today!

Written by Chris
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