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Avenue Flo: Tips and Tricks!

Last week we released some tips for Mall Stars to help players get further in their game! After seeing how well these tips were received, we’ve decided to post some Avenue Flo tips too!

Avenue Flo, now on iPad!

Tip #1 - Talk to everybody!
Flo may just be the most friendly person in DinerTown so take the time to talk to everyone! You never know what cool hints or tasks Flo might discover. Additionally, there are a ton of mini-games and trivia quizzes that will ask you questions based on what’s happening in the game around you. Talking to everyone will help you know the answers to these questions.

Tip #2 - Hints! Hints! Hints!
If you need a hint, don’t be afraid to use the hint helper! There is no limit on the number of hints, so take advantage of it!

Tip #3 - What was that?
If you missed part of a conversation or dialogue, you can click on the character again to repeat what was just said.

Tip #4 - Stuck?
If you’re totally lost and can’t figure out where to go or what to do, take a look at this walkthrough! There are tons of community asked questions with relevant answers available online. If you can’t figure it out after an online search, send an email to and our customer support team will be able to assist!

If you haven’t downloaded Avenue Flo for iPad yet, download it FREE on iTunes!
Click here to start playing!

Written by Chris

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  1. this was advertised as new on kindle, but this is not actually so…only for ipad and pc/mac

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