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Dream Chronicles: The Book of Water is here!

Continue the dream in the next chapter of our beautiful adventure series, Dream Chronicles: The Book of Water Collector’s Edition. Lyra returns home to discover a terrible curse on Wish. Help her find a way to save her family and hometown! Exclusively for the Collector’s Edition: play as both Lyra and Faye as their journeys collide in their quest.

There’s a lot cool stuff in store for fans in the fifth chapter. The Book of Water takes the story and fans to a darker place, a place where no other Dream Chronicles game has ventured. Aaron, the game’s producer, explains, “That isn't to say it is overtly dark in theme, but there was a goal to move this chapter in a direction that is a little more serious in the events that transpire in the mystical fairy realm within the Dream Chronicles world.”

Making this chapter was a little different from the previous ones. While the developer, KatGames, had already planned for some things while making the Book of Air, they were faced with a new challenge of making the Collector’s Edition extra special. “We wanted to make something complementary but also completely playable as a whole game .” Miguel Tartaj, founder of KatGames, says of the development process. “The CE brings something from the first trilogy which many fans will probably like… do you remember playing as Faye?”

For those fans who experience the Collector's Edition content, they will be treated to a parallel – prequel storyline. Aaron couldn’t help comparing it to other games: “It’s unlike anything I've seen in other Collector's Editions.” Fans will still get the usual extras as well: the official strategy guide and cool wallpapers.

Check out the trailer to the game and tell us what you’re excited about for Dream Chronicles: The Book of Air Collector’s Edition:

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