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Top 3 Tips: How to get Expert Scores in Diner Dash!

Want to score at expert levels on iPad, iPhone or Kindle. ? Here are our top 3 tips to racking up those points:

    1. The podium is very important. Once you get the podium, you should use it often. To activate the podium, you need to send Flo to it to talk to the guests in line. Watch the heart meter! When it fills up and explodes, everyone in line will gain a heart boost. If you leave before the heart meter fills up, you will not get the podium bonus.

Diner Dash iPhone tips - use the podium

    1. Color matching is key. When you color match, you’ll rack up extra points AND customers will gain hearts!

Diner Dash iPhone tips - color matching

    1. Chain, chain, chain! Remember that you can only chain the exact same actions to rack up bonus points. Many people make the mistake of collecting a group’s check and then immediately clearing the table afterwards. This does not get you the chaining bonus. If you want the bonus, you should collect all of the checks first and then clean all of the tables. Try to seat and serve people in waves to gain the most chaining bonuses, and use the podium to keep people happy while another group is eating.

Diner Dash iPhone tips - chain

Follow these tips and you’ll be an expert Diner Dash player in no time! There’s a special surprise twist in the final restaurant to reward you for your hard work.

What are your tips for Diner Dash? Share them in the comments below!

Written by: Fortune Cookie
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  1. Hi :-)
    I’m in trouble with diner dash :-) )))

    I can’t enter in GRUBB. The story tells that the sanitary inspection was not good. Now I’m blocked and I don’t know how to go on!!!

    Please, HELP ME!!!

  2. Is Diner Dash 2 going to be available for the iPhone?
    LOVE this game!

  3. How do I complete flo’s challenges?? I complete a few of the tasks and it does not reward me. Am I doing something wrong? Help please!

  4. Hey De, I had the same problem for one level, but then I figured it out. To earn the Flo Challenge rewards, you have to meet the goal, the expert goal, and the challenge. The only one I’m having trouble with is the second level of Chez Flo (ipod). I can’t seem to make expert on that one. Good luck.

  5. Tayte,
    Did you ever figure out level two of Chez Flo? I cannot do it either and I am pretty good at the game.

  6. Someone help! Chez flo second level ahhhh!

  7. how do I dish fling.?

  8. I think it’s a mistake. Should be 12500 instead of 21500 for expert?? I can’t beat it either!

  9. Same here I can’t get the expert challenge coz it’s 21500. Is it correct?

  10. I am struggling with the last level of Chez Flo’s challenge – Turn every seat at the bar to green…..driving me crazy! Any ideas??

  11. How do you not carry dishes to the dumb waiter in the Zesty Zepplin level 2 for flo’s challenge?

  12. I have the same problem, can’t get to expert level of 21500 n can’t turn all the bar seats to green. Any idea?

  13. To everyone having problems with Level 2 of Chez Flo’s – in order to get the expert score, you need to use a 2X boost… seat the first set of customers as normal, collect orders as normal, and as the food begins to appear on the counter, start your 2X boost… it lasts long enough to get the food to the table, hand out the bills and clean off the first set of dishes… that *should* be enough to get you to 21500 points…

  14. hi how do i get tips on this thing :(

  15. Flo’s Challenge on Level 10 of Chez Flo’s – is it even possible?! Turn every seat at the bar to green? Seriously?

    Am I overthinking it? Is it possible that we only have to change every seat to green at least once, rather than end the round with all green seats at the bar?

    Because if we’re expected to change (and keep) every seat at the bar to green, I’d like proof that it’s even possible. Doubt it.

  16. CutiePie- try building the green seats from the outside in. Don’t worry about losing any tables but the green ones. You’re going to have to use a couple 3 seaters with the one green person. Then finally end with a 2 seater green with a blue or yellow, then the 2 green black ladies :) hope that helps

  17. I have completed every restaurant, but it says I only have 15/16. I keep updating the app for the iPhone, and it still says 15/16. What am I missing?

  18. Zest Zeppelin, level 7, Flo’s Challenge. How to do it?

  19. I’m stuck in the same place as Jo. How do you break dishes?

  20. Me too..I’m stuck at the same level as Jo and Kate!! Any help would be appreciated!

  21. WTF??? HOW do you NOT carry dishes to the dumb waiter in Zesty Zepplin???? What am I missing here????? I thought you GAD to carry dishes to the DW in order to clear tables for the next set of guests to be seated?????

  22. Hi SB, in order to not carry dishes to the dumb waiter you need to use the ‘dish flinging’ boost. Buy it from the store. I was confused about the same thing lol.

  23. Help – am trying to complete level 8 challenge on zesty zeppelin – how did I break 20 dishes?

  24. Chez Flo’s level 10 challenge is crazy. I’m with cutiepie. I think it’s impossible. I’ve read all over google to figure out how to get all the seats green. Still can’t get it. :-/

  25. Like samsmom I have completed 15/16 restaurants but can not find the 16th resturant to play/buy. Any ideas please?

  26. -to Rebecca O- on leval 8 use the dish flinger and throw it when the dumb waiter is down its annoying I had the same prob hope this helps!

  27. Anyone know how to get the flo’a challenge in level 1 mystic place? Really stuck here

  28. Can you tell me specifically how to use the dish flinger? When I select the boost, the things I pick up are “highlighted” for lack of better description but then I do not understand what to do. I finally end up walking the dishes to the dumb waiter and losing the challenge. How do I use this boost? Thanks!

  29. Hi I’m stuck on chez flo level 10 you have to turn all of the barstools green but they do not have enough green people together to do so, I’ve replayed this level probably 20 times! It’s becoming very frustrating! Please help!!!

  30. Hi Jakki,

    If you could send a ticket to our support team, they will be able to help you out!

  31. I’m having the same problem as jakki.
    How do you send a ticket to support

  32. How do u in level 10 turn all the bar chair green. I have try many ways and still can’t get it:(

  33. If the items you pick up are just highlighted you are using the wrong boost, the one you are using lets you pick up four things at a time, I think (the icon is a stack of cups & plates). The icon for the one you want, ‘dish flinger’, is the dish with a circle of arrows around it. Hope that helps! Also that is what you use on the level that says to break the dishes too, it counts the ones you fling! But the levels where you have to turn the barstools green or turn all seats at certain tables red really has me stumped! I’ve tried everything I can I came hm at 4 n the only thing was power out no trees down n was safe to drive Ali to schoolthink of and searched the Internet for ideas but still can’t figure it out. Help Please!?!?!?! :)

  34. Oops something got pasted into that post by mistake, that last part should just say ‘I’ve tried everything I can think of and searched the Internet for ideas but still can’t figure it out!’ Sorry!! If anyone knows how to get through these levels where you have to turn all seats one color any ideas would be appreciated! Thanks! :)

  35. Now that they auto seat people based on color and points… Is it even possible to do the last challenge in chez flo? If you can’t put people where you want…how can you turn the bar all green?

  36. I have tried everything I can think of & the best I can get is all but 1 green. There’s one other level in another resturaunt where you have to turn every seat at the bar blue, i think. I was able to do that one easily as there were several two person parties of that color, the trick was to give them the check but not clear the dishes. That way the next group would not just automatically go to the same seats for a color match. But level 10 in chez flo’s, one other where you have to turn every seat at the bar one color and one where you have to turn all seats at a four seater table red (both in the Indian resturaunt where you have four arms & float, I think) seem impossible! I have perfect in all 15 resturaunts except for those three levels! Three stars in 147 out of 150 levels but i just cannot get the challenge star in those three levels!?!?!?!

  37. Chez Flo, Level 10 Challenge has me stumped… I’ve tried using 3s and 2s, but it’s not working.

  38. Chez Flo Level 10 is impossible with auto seating! I’ve played this level at least 50 times. There needs to be an correction in this app. I’m very disappointed. I got really addicted to this game, but now all I want to do is throw my iPad at the wall (which I won’t do, of course). ;)

  39. Finally managed to complete challenge in level 10 of mystic palace by turning all seats at bar red!!! Now if only someone could tell me how to do the same in level 10 of chez Flo’s & level 1 of mystic palace!?!?!?! All I can tell you on the other 2 that I have managed to get all seats one color, if you are struggling with that, is if you have the podium, don’t seat parties of two of that color until you’ve changed all other seats, use dirty dishes left behind to save spaces that you have already changed to the right color so they won’t be changed and the auto color match seating will try to put the matching customer where the most matches have been made, so if you cannot get it to put your party of two of the right color where you want it to, put parties of two where one customer is the right color in that spot repetitively to get the number of matches on the one seat up higher than other possible places it could put them, then it will put them where you want it to!! Idk how to explain that any clearer, hope that helps!!! Any ideas on chez flo 10 & mystic palace 1???? Even these strategies that work in the other levels don’t seem to help any in these two!?!??!?!

  40. Sarahboo can you please be more detailed on how to get all the bar stools green on chez flo level 10. i am pulling my hair out!!!

  41. I’ve played level 2 of Zesty Zeppelin three times, always only using dish flings and not making a trip to the dumbwaiter. It never passes me through to level 3 though! I don’t know how to get out of it, and have only enought tips to buy one more dish flings Am giving up on this one after one more try. :(

  42. My game auto seats by color how do I remove that?

  43. I wish I knew, since there is no way to get all the seats green with auto color match. I sent an email to Playfirst support several days ago and got no response.

  44. Agree I been trying to turn seats all red on bar smh!

  45. Chez flo 10 is bullcrap! I am trying to beat this whole game but it’s Impossible to get all seats one color!!! Grrrrrr!!! I got it in one level but there is like 2 or 3 more that I just can’t get…

  46. Somebody help!!!

  47. I am with you Nicole! I have achieved 3 stars throughout and don’t want to move on until I have mastered this level..we are not alone it seems, if you read previous posts. I sent an email yesterday as suggested in another post, and may, reluctantly, move on to the next game while I wait for a response.

  48. I emailed playfirst about chez flo level 10 when I too was stuck on changing the bar seats to green. I received a response indicating they were aware of the issue. Last night, the challenge changed to make all bar seats red, which is doable.

    I still cannot figure mystic palace level 1 with changing all seats of a four seat table to red. Anyone figure this out?

  49. Well the update hasn’t worked I still have green seats. Maybe the UK is behind with the update? Anyway I have moved on and can’t seem to master any of these change seat colour challenges! Stuck on level 1 and 9 of the next game – still getting 3 stars on all other levels though. Any tips would be gratefully received!!

  50. On Lvl 2 in the Krusty krab how to you collect 3 plates in a row??

  51. I am also stuck on level 1 of mystic palace. Any help on changing all seats of a four seat table to red would be appreciated! It’s driving me nuts!

  52. HELP ME PLEASE!!!!!!!
    I’m starting to get ANGRY

  53. Hi all. I confused the two challenges. For chez flo and mystic palace. Chez flo is still green, and Playfirst is working on the update.

    Johnny, you need to use tips to buy the SuperFlo boost that allows you to carry 4 items at a time.

    I’m reworking the red bar stool challenge and will post it here.

  54. please email me at if you’d like the solution for one solution that works for the red bar stool challenge in Mystic Palace level 10.

    I didn’t want to post it here for those who want to try and figure it out.

    Some tips:
    - stand at the podium and seat all the customers with no reds or the parties of 6 with single reds
    - initially, you will need to seat one group at a time to get the seats red; I make mine from the bottom of the bar up, and the first one I use is a group with 4 customers and 2 reds
    - don’t use the college guys with 2 reds until the end
    - there will be a point where you will not clear tables to make sure you are only changing the seats you want to change

    I end up seating 7 groups in total at the bar to get them all red. While seating, I had to work through the non-red customers and parties of 6 to get to the groups I wanted.

  55. HERE IS HOW YOU CHANGE THE ALL THE BAR SEATS GREEN: First, seat the very first blue and green old ladies on the outer right seats. Second, seat the set of 3 green/yellow/red ladies on the far outer left seats. This leaves the middle to work with. After they’re finished eating, seat the next green/blue couple starting at the second chair in from the right. The trick is to save the only set of 2 green people until that last green/blue couple has finished eating and then you’ll see where to put them and win. Of course, you’ll have to keep these people happy (especially the 2 green since they’ll be waiting the longest) to make sure that none of your bar people leave.

  56. CORRECTION ON HOW TO CHANGE THE BAR SEATS GREEN: Sorry, I missed a couple of steps so ignore my original post. First, seat the very first blue/green old ladies on the last two seats closest to the podium. Second, seat the 3 person group of green/yellow/red ladies on the last three seats closest to the kitchen. After these two groups have left, seat the green/yellow couple at starting at the second chair in from the kitchen end. After they’ve left, seat the 3 person group of red/green/green starting at the second chair in from the podium end of the bar. Once they’ve left, you’ll see where to sit the only couple of green/green. The trick is to keep this last couple happy (since they have to wait the longest out of everyone), but also keep all of these bar groups happy since each is needed to turn all seats green.

  57. @Hula girl, how do you select where the people sit? The auto seating automatically places the first blue/green ladies in the 2nd and 3rd furthest seats from the podium.

  58. Seriously having the same problem!!

  59. i finished level 10 with 3 stars just the mystic palace i cant turn the 4 seats to red. very impossible needs help

  60. Yeah auto seating jacks u up for chez level 10, really has anyone figured it out. The is bs

  61. Level 2 Flos Challenge- HOW DO YOU CLEAR 3 TABLES IN A ROW?… anyone had luck with that one…?? Help.. i really like this game i have 20 stars I just need one more and i can’t seemed to get how to clear 3 tables in a row, i tryed everything sitting them, taking tickets and delivering food and clearing tables… but it dosn’t give me the Challenge star.

  62. Alex, tap on 2 different tables with dirty dishes then tap the garbage bin. Next tap another table with dirty dishes (or 2 different tables again) and you will clear at least 3 (or 4) tables then the garbage again. As long as you don’t tap on any other task you will keep generating the same bonus grouping.

  63. Yay they finally fixed the impossible levels in the latest update! Finally got all 3 stars in all 150 levels!!!! :)

  64. I have read through this blog and nowhere does it tell me how to fling dishes. Can anyone help

  65. Cindy you have to buy dish fling the same way you buy other boosts then use it hope this helps :-)

  66. I am going to try Hula girls plan for getting all seats green… wish me luck will let you know :-)

  67. I bought them but I can’t figure out how to activate them.

  68. Hula, how avoid the auto seatting in chez flo’s level 10 turn every seat inthe bar to green I try to do all the steps that you explain but the auto seatting disturbs me!! If you can explain please how you seat people in the order you told I will really appreciated. These leve is driving me crazy !!! :(

  69. I know you have to buy dish clinger from the store, but once you buy it, how do you use it?

  70. flinger

  71. How do I get Flo’s challenge on level 7.7?? (Zeppelin) It says you must break 20 dishes. I have flinged dishes for all tables, 20 tables and every other combination I can think of. I am getting super frustrated because I have to keep playing ahead to earn more tips so I can go back and buy more boosts – only to waste them trying to fling the “right” amount of dishes. Is breaking 20 dishes different than flinging them? If so, how do I break them?

  72. You have to wait until the tub is down to break the dishes

  73. Ok. For Zesty Zepplin when the goal is not to carry any dishes to the dumbwaiter, you have to wait for the dumbwaiter to be up and use the boost fling to get through the level. It’s tough but you have to be patient and wait.

  74. I am playing Diner Dash deluxe for the iPad an I can not get clear 3 dishes in a row on Lvi 2. What am I doing wrong

  75. I can NOT figure out how to serve a drink to every table…I don’t have enough time. Do I need. To sit less tables?

  76. @Mandysue: Yes you need to sit everyone slowly, and also use the podium to make sure no one gets angry and leave :)

  77. @Stephanie: Once you buy the boost “Dish flinger in your store” in the game it should be on top left corner “boost” use that to access your dish flinger, select the one that it the picture of the dish.

  78. I’m on diner dash on the tablet on level 1 and I can’t figure out how to get 3 stars . It tells me to clear 3 dishes in a row. I did it and nothing happened. I lookes it up but its not the right information. There’s no poduiom on level 2.

  79. i figured it out! you know how you double tap a table when they are finished eating? the first tap gives them the bill, and the second tap picks up their plates. next time you do it, leave the plates on the table (preferably with the last three tables in the restaurant) and once its just those three dirty tables, have flo clean them in a row. you should see a 1x dish, 2x dish and 3x dish challenge complete pop up as you go!


  81. How should we clear 3 dishes in a row??

  82. How should I upgrade the game in the iPad

  83. Anyone can help me to upgrade it

  84. Hello I need some help I can’t seem to clear 3 dishes in a row I think I’ve done it but flos challenge doesn’t glow can anyone help plz

  85. I am having problems completing all flos challenges that. Require clearing dishes in a row. I do the required amount. I use dish flinger , individual , carry multiple. It doesn’t matter none of it works

  86. If I have bought upgrades with my tips, how do I use them within the game?
    e.g. “lightning shoes” or “quick chef”.

  87. I can’t figure out how to beat the challenge in the last level of courtyard cafe! It says to serenade each lovebird couple with the accordion when delivering the ring but they don’t “ask” for it. They “ask” for dessert and when I deliver it the game says challenge lost?!? What am I doing wrong??

  88. While we’re looking into updating the tips in the post to be more comprehensive and complete, please e-mail for any questions about your game! Thank you =)

  89. I can’t figure out how to complete a challenge on one of the tiki palace levels. It’s to drop 6 checks in a row. Can anyone help? :-)

  90. クロックス サンダル レディース

  91. Why don’t I earn tips when all 3 goals are reached? Very frustrating!

  92. Help I don’t know how to play zeazty do u get the garlic bread for your customers?

  93. What do drop 6 checks mean on tiki palace


  95. How do you get tips?

  96. I have a tip for diner dash to get expert scores…….. If you only seat customers group by group one at a time then that way you can build up the colours on the chairs and whilst they are eating entertain your waiting guests at the podium, i did this and ended up thousands of point over my expert scores. The only level you cannot do this in is the 2nd to last level of the surprise final restaurant of diner dash, in this level you have a 20.000 goal to get but no seat colour to build up points, do not panic tho i though i could not do this one but i kept trying different things and the key to this level is chaining and you want to get the chains as big as you can to build up points so i decided to seat about 5-6 groups at the same time so that they would all eat at the same time so that whilst they were eating i would entertain the waiting guests at the podium, if you keep the chaining up with everything you should build up the score you need in no time but remember if you seat too many groups at once you will be rushing round after them and you will not have time to entertain your waiting guests at the podium so they will get angry and leave and in this level when a group leaves you loose 2.000. GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!!

  97. @ Teresa, you don’t activate them, it is already happening in the next game you play after you buy them.
    Now. Can someone help me get flows challenge on chez flow’s level 1?

  98. Any updates on how to serenade the couples with the accordion

  99. Yeah I can’t figure out how to serenade lovebirds with accordion while bringing the ring?? Please help!

  100. Where is the accordion??

  101. Whats.with the serenade lovebird with accordiam when delivering hw ring
    How to pasa this level??

  102. To serenade the lovebirdcouples you have to:
    -make sure they are seated at a love table (purple with heart)
    -keep them happy during the meal, so if they have 5 hearts they will ask for desert.
    -after you have given them their deserts in time and they still have 5 hearts they ask for the rings and NOW BUY THE BOOST WITH THE ACCORDION!
    -re-act with every love bird couple:)

  103. On Diner Dash Delux in Flo’s Diner Level 2 to clear 3 dishes in a row you have to get the 3 tickets (first) then go back and clear the 3 dishes. That’s how I passed the challenge.

  104. In level 8 of Courtyard Cafe, Flo’s challenge is to add a candle to each table before seating the customers, but I can’t find the candles – HELP! Anyone know where to find them?

  105. Actually I found it. It’s between the coffee and the dishpan.

  106. How to get the lovebirds couple to propose in level 5 challenge of courtyard cafe? Even with 5 stars and seated at the heart table, sometimes they just ask for dessert and then leave!!

  107. You have to clear the bill first of three tables then you have to go back and clear 3 dirty dishes. It’s that simple and it worked.

  108. How do we fling dishes without the boost? That’s one challenge I can’t figure out. It says to fling all the dishes but I can’t figure out how. I also need to know where the accordion is on another level. It says to serenade all the couples proposing with an accordion, but there’s no accordion to be found!!!

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  111. This might be stupid, but do you get levels opened up after completing things or do you have to purchase them? I don’t want to keep paying for the app, but I have gone back and tried completing all the challenges I could to try to open up other things and so far it hasn’t worked.

  112. in mystic palace level 10 the challenge is to clear 7 dishes in a row…i’ve tried everything possible…used the magnet then the dish flinger…used the magnet and multiple carrier but i cant pass it…any tips

  113. In tiki palace how do I do the 4x Color seating mulitiplyer?

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  115. How do I earn tips? Even when I get to the expert score and complete the challenges I still don’t receive tips

  116. How do I earn tips to complete a star? I have reached expert score many times and still get zero tips

  117. Hello everyone! I’m stuck on Flo’s Challange in the Spooky Saloon level 8 and Zesty Zepplin level 6. I’ve done all I can think of and can’t figure out how to get so much extra money from the chains, tables and making everyone as happy as possible to get expert on these 2 levels. Sounds like others have gotten past these but I’m stuck. Thanks in advance!

  118. @arleana- you seat 4 of the same color in that seat. Try to keep others happy while you beat the challenge then seat anyone where ever you want. Hope that helps!

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  120. I can’t get the challenge on level 1 of Che Flo’s. Tried the level repeatedly. Gotten expert score but lose the challenge. Help!!!

  121. How you clear 5 dishes in a row? how do you have only serve drinks to every table with yellow customers? I did it but nothing happened.

  122. How do you clear 3 dishes in a row ? , I’m ons lever 1 in the 7th thing , but it doesn’t want to contunue ? ,, I don’t have 3 stars at al of the slot things ? What must I do to continue ?? How do you clear 3 dishes in a row ?? Help please

  123. How do you clear 3 dishes in a row

  124. You must buy coordinating window curtains and do
    not use mini blinds which give a very dated appearance.

    Of course, you need a closet or cabinet elsewhere in the room so you have an area the items usually kept in the medicine cabinet.
    Is this new idea ‘green’ or perhaps a ‘gimmick’ to increase mouthwash sales.

  125. Hi

    Please can you confirm whether I need to purchase further games in order to unlock them? I’m stuck on Spooky Salon and have 29/30 stars but it won’t let me continue onto Winter Wonderland as it says I have to purchase this game. Is this correct or do I need to gain 30/30 stars in Spooky Salon? If so, how do I gain a score of £35,000 or higher? I always conduct chains, seat customers in their colour coordinated seats, use boosts in order to serve customers quickly and use the Double Down boost to earn more points.

    This game has already cost me a lot of money and I think it’s sad as it’s taken the skill and enjoyment out of the game in favour of making the gamer spend more and more money to boost Play First’ profits.

    I look forward to hearing your reply.

  126. I am stuck in level 2 how to clear 3 dishes in a row?

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  133. I’m stuck on the challenge for Chez Flo day 7. I don’t have any hot shots showing up. Is this a glitch or am I doing something wrong? This is driving my OCD crazy :(

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