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Wandering Willows Egg-Hunting Tips

Just over a year ago on March 24, 2009, we launched Wandering Willows to all users on!

Since then, the game has been delivering delight to its players!  It received two mentions on the Gamezebo Best of 2009 List, along with a Gamezebo 4.5 of 5 star review.  Also, readers at Jay is Games voted it best Time Management and Simulation download game of 2009!

As the lead producer on the game, I was pleased when Applesun asked me to share some egg-hunting tips with you!  If you haven't visited the land of Wandering Willows yet, try out our 1 hour free trial and see if it hooks you as well!
In Wandering Willows, there are over 40 different animals in the game.

Each of these animals can be your pet, and you can switch between them.  You'll start off with one pet who makes friends with you right after your balloon crash lands on the mysterious island.

What can your pet do for you? Your pet can retrieve fruit from trees, dig up items from the ground, and charm other wild animals.

To charm other animals, just click and hold down the mouse button to have your pet call to a wild animal. After a series of charming calls, the animal will become charmed, and leave a little gift for you. It could leave gems, wool, flower seeds, or EGGS!

Here's a screenshot of my beloved Torzil charming a Gibby. The Gibby left an egg behind...

Wandering Willows - charmed animal leaves egg

You can take eggs back to your stable to incubate. When they are done incubating, they will hatch into a new pet!

Later on I charmed a Jojo because I would really rather have a Jojo than a Gibby (items sell for more in the store when Jojo is around).  Plus, he looks cooler!

A Jojo Wandering Willows pet in the Stable

I clicked on Jojo to make him my pet.  I was pleasantly surprised to see that he had a slightly better digging skill than than the Torzil I have, as well.  See below, Torzil is now waiting patiently in the stable, and Jojo is ready to go digging!

In this first area of the game, some of the wild animals you'll come across are - Gibby, Scooter, Jojo, Jimjim, Joopie. Those who check out the credits with a crafty eye may note that Jimjim is named after a team member!

Here is some very early concept art of Torzil and Jojo!

concept art for the Willows Torzil animalEarly concept for the Jojo Willows pet

Written by: Sunpath
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  1. Umm…is it just me or did this article say absolutely NOTHING about hints on how to get eggs?

  2. Maybe this article should’ve been named “How I got my first egg in the game and incubated it following the on-screen instructions”!

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