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Award-Winning Dream Chronicles® Game Launches on the iPhone

Starting today, fans worldwide can purchase the original Dream Chronicles on their iPhone, and enjoy the fully-featured game on this rapidly-growing platform.

Dream Chronicles - iPhone

Dream Chronicles - iPhone described the original PC downloadable version of Dream Chronicles as “a casual cousin to epic, hard-core adventures like Myst and Uru. A mix of fantasy and reality, its hypnotic dreamland engages you in a larger-than-life quest, a mystery that needs to be solved one puzzle at a time as the story unfolds around you.”

The iPhone version of Dream Chronicles contains the full 32 chapters, 18 environments, and beautiful artwork for which the series is now recognized. New features for the iPhone version include:

• Pinch to zoom capability helping players to more easily search for hidden dream jewels
• Easy “pan-around” screens to help in your search
• Interactive tutorial to enable quick and easy gameplay learning

Dream Chronicles inspired two sequel titles Dream Chronicles 2: The Eternal Maze and Dream Chronicles: The Chosen Child. Free trial downloads of each are available on

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